Dec 10, 2015

LozinTransit in 2015: American Roadtrip, FIBA Oceania and Asia.

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Founded in Lithuania during EuroBasket 2011, I've been documenting my search for basketball experiences on my @30HomeGames project. It became an Instagram-focused pursuit when I got my first smartphone in 2014, each day capturing a moment through the lens of basketball. Whether its snapping Basketball kicks on a Bushwalk, a jersey at a Foodie gathering or finding Hoops of the World. These daily scavenger hunts have made my adventures at home as novel as my adventures abroad, a premium placed on quirky and improbable intersections.

#30HomeGames in 2015: USA Roadtrip and being the Ultimate NBA fan
I started 2015 with a splash, spending 2 weeks on the US East Coast. The New York Knicks graciously hosted my friends and I at the World Famous Madison Square Garden. An auspicious start for my mission to visit all 30 NBA Cities.

In 2011 and 2013 I quit work and went on extended trips, 13 and 6 months respectively. I knew this wouldn't be the case for 2015 but continuing my FIBA (International Basketball Federation) streak would be a solid consolation. During my EuroTrip I spent a month in Lithuania as they hosted the biennial European Basketball Championship. I made sure to attend the Americas equivalent in Venezuela during my 2013 South America Trip. For 2015 I had a choice between FIBA Asia and AfroBasket. I had sights on the African tourney in Tunisia but ultimately decided against it with uncertain developments in the area. Going to Changsha, China for FIBA Asia and adding nearby Wellington and Melbourne for FIBA Oceania rounded out a worthy mission for the year.

Under the header #30HGaustralasia, the itinerary is as follows:
Aug 15 - Melbourne, Australia. FIBA Oceania Game 1
Aug 18 - Wellington, New Zealand. FIBA Oceania Game 2
Aug 22 -  Melbourne, Australia. LSU Downunder Tour
Sep 23 to Oct 3 - Changsha, China. FIBA Asia
Oct 11 - Shenzhen, China. NBA Global Games

As with previous forays into FIBA action, watching games came with a learning curve. I endeavour to watch as many of the competing Nations as possible, sourcing tickets through official channels. Regular games usually don't meet quarter capacity whilst the Host nation plays to a packed house which often means having to brave the secondary market. With FIBA Asia in Changsha, there was little choice but to deal with secondary vendors. Rather than having booths by the stadium, tickets were sold at the nearby university. A stall was set up with all the tickets emanating from a lone backpack manned by a student-type, these were snapped up by enterprising locals who tried their luck reselling them. All transactions were cash in hand which makes one wonder where the money ultimately ended up. How much you paid for tickets fluctuated with demand and the whims or mercy of the vendor, a glimpse into the negotiable markets of China.

In some ways this helped. I paid most for tickets in the beginning when I was just getting my bearings and saved money progressively. I watched all 7 Gilas Pilipinas victories paying around 100-200 RMB (AU$20-$40) for the earlier, less coveted games. Come the Playoffs as Gilas matches were incorporated into Double-Headers with the China games, we were able to ask for tickets from the departing locals who only wanted to watch their National team play. We had to compete with savvy resellers doing the same. Newcomers invariably get taken advantage of so it helps to ask around and get a lay of the land as early as possible. The fun part about these trips are always the things you stumble on and the connections you make that can only happen by being on the ground and having your feelers out.

A photo posted by 30homegames (@30homegames) on

Whilst this proved successful for watching other games, I ultimately couldn't stomach paying the high price to see the Host nation play. I departed Changsha altogether on the morning of the Philippines VS China Grand Final knowing it'd be futile trying to watch it live. Reports would later say that even Filipino Coaching staff had trouble securing tickets for the game.

This proved the same for the NBA Global Games in Shenzhen between the Charlotte Hornets and Los Angeles Clippers. With tickets starting at a hefty AU$80 and ultimately selling out, I braced myself for an uphill battle. I was happy to observe the pandemonium in search for access but didn't want to risk any money by joining them, I witnessed every manner of bribery and trickery imaginable from eager travelers and locals desperate to watch the game.

Vista views: Fenghuang and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
Ticketing aside, for me these trips are shaped by the adventures outside of basketball. Without the benefit of a rolling start and the considerable language barrier, this mission was arguably my most challenging travel experience. As South China was less frequented by Western travelers I didn't encounter many peers, on the other hand I was less concerned about falling prey to travel scams. Interestingly as China is densely populated and I'd unwittingly visited during the Golden Week Holiday, I was never very far from hordes of Chinese locals who were commuting during their short Annual window away from work. En route to my Final basketball destination in Shenzhen, I spent a week traveling through Fenghuang (Ancient Phoenix town) and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (popularly inspiring 'Avatar'). Heavy rain and a severe dose of food poisoning put a damper on some of the days but it turned out to be some of the most scenic places I've ever visited.

The China trip gave me lessons and set expectations for AfroBasket and FIBA World Cup if I am to pursue them. Likewise for "Missions" in general. At times it can feel more like a Business trip, as previously these basketball trips were happy detours on a larger backpacking adventure I never really noticed the process before. Interestingly all my trips this year have been in the service of basketball, beginning with USA to Melbourne, New Zealand and China. I like traveling with a larger theme in mind, so its only fitting.
It's been a good year. My daily Instagram snapshots, whilst seemingly one-dimensional with its basketball theme offers a fair accounting of what I've been up to. No plans for 2016 but I've got my head up waiting for the next play.

Feb 26, 2015

#30HomeGames in 2015: USA Roadtrip and being the Ultimate NBA fan

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One of the primary reasons I created 'Loz in Transit' and its offshoot blogs was because I enjoyed having an undertaking that fostered life experiences. Since becoming a "content seeker" for these projects I feel more connected, inspired and proactive. Even though I've recently returned from a short USA trip, activity on my travel blog has been sparse as nearly all my focus has shifted to my basketball mission. In particular the @30HomeGames Instagram which I update daily and consumes most of my waking thoughts.

We embarked on the maiden #30HGroadtrip to the snowy US East Coast, cruising from New York to Cleveland by SUV. I had a Fairytale in New York as the Knicks graciously hosted @30HomeGames to pregame access at Madison Square Garden aka "The World's Most Famous Arena". We also sat Courtside behind the Player's bench in Philly and capped it off watching this Generation's greatest player, homecoming King LeBron playing in Cleveland.

At this stage, my growing obsession for Instagram has me viewing the world through a square, basketball-themed prism. The shift largely precipitated by my new life as a Smartphone user, its been 7 months now. A lot of the inspiration and insight which filled these pages came to me during quiet moments of reflection traveling Europe and South America. I didn't have a camera for the majority of my travels but on the occasions I did I realised it made me neglect writing. The Smartphone has made this worse tenfold, conversely Gramming has helped me develop a more economical way of storytelling.

There's a lot in store for '30 Home Games' in 2015 so stay tuned.
I have an interview with a diehard Australian jersey collector coming. I'm also campaigning to be the 'ESPN Ultimate Fan' so please show your support. As its an 'even' year, FIBA basketball returns. I'll be contemplating whether to continue my streak having already attended EuroBasket '11 and FIBA Americas '13. I have a choice between a mid year trip to either Asia or Africa. #AfroBasket2015 hosted by Tunisia or FIBA Asia in Changsha, China.

- FIBA Africa, Tunisia 2015 (August 19-30)
- FIBA Asia, Changsha 2015 (September 23 - October 3)

I've decided on FIBA Oceania (August) and FIBA Asia (September). Follow the journey at #30HGaustralia

Nov 26, 2014

Coolspotting: 30HG '2015 NBA RoadTrip' Tip-off and Schedule (1 of 2)

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The '30 Home Games' Mission, my pursuit to visit all the NBA Cities officially tips-off in 2015. I'll be joining 3 friends on a two week Eastern Conference roadtrip. Primarily visiting a friend who's relocated to the Big Apple, we'll be passing through Philadelphia, Cleveland and Chicago then cap it off in Vegas. Returning home with a friend, the other half continue for a snowboarding excursion in Utah.

@30HomeGames 2015 NBA Roadtrip (January 26  - February 8)
 New York, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Chicago, Las Vegas
This preliminary trip will serve as a sampler for my 30HG mission. A chance to experience the North American travel infrastructure, budget considerations and hospitality expectations. For our accommodation and travel, we'll be AirBnB-ing and renting a car collectively. Outside of family I've never traveled overseas in a group, having backpacked Europe and South America solo. I've Couchsurfed and rideshared several times but have yet to try AirBnB. In fact none of the guys have, so we're looking forward to the experience.

#NBApostcards: Greeting from the Eastern Conference
(Updated 2015 postcards coming soon)
I'm not one to make an itinerary, as in life preferring to go with the flow when traveling. I've stumbled onto happenings, made new friends, found places to crash and scored free tickets armed with a spirit of adventure and a curious eye. I usually don't have much lead time heading into a destination as I'm directed by my whims. I found out about the existence of EuroBasket weeks before I headed into Lithuania for the Tournament. For FIBA Americas in Caracas, I mentally prepared myself having been forewarned by friends about the Country's complicated infrastructure. I was forced to scrap the playbook when faced with the realitiy on the ground.

'30 Home Games' figures to be a different experience as I've been researching and anticipating events and places well ahead of time. Whilst I've indulged my interests in Comedy, Wrestling and music in my travels, the States is the epicenter and birthplace for many of these things which sets some lofty expectations. That's not even considering the NBA!!!
- Find my NBA Roadtrip to-do list here

Eastern Conference NBA Destinations:
Atlantic (NY, BK, PHI) and Central (CLE, CHI)
'30 Home Games' has been 3+ years in the making and now it's really happening. I can't wait!

Find my Eastern Conference to-do list here:
- Coolspotting: 30HG '2015 NBA RoadTrip' Tip-off and Schedule (1 of 2)
- Coolspotting: 30HG '2015 NBA RoadTrip' Champagne and Campaign spots (2 of 2)
- Champagning and Campaigning in the NBA Cities: Eastern Conference edition
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Sep 26, 2014

'30 Home Games' on Instagram: Basketball Souvenirs, Streetball and Hoops around the world

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Jacques Henri Lartigue: Why I'm getting a camera
I was steadfast (stubborn) in not getting a camera as I had enjoyed the manufactured dynamic when I told people I was without one. I was happy with other people's photos, it became an experiment. It allowed me to live in the moment, any photos of me were candids or documented outside myself.
Many of my basketball experiences during my travels haven't been captured in Photos. I only got my first Smartphone 3 months ago (Shoutout to SP*) and only had a camera for a quarter of my time during Europe 2011 and South America 2013.

The '30 Home Games' mission in pictures
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The main goal of this blog is to have lived experiences, writing about it has been a good way to capture the memories and encouraged me to find more. Often times however it's been without Photographs. I don't have any Courtside shots of the games I watched in Caracas (FIBA Americas) or the during the NBA lockout period that made my time in Lithuania (EuroBasket 2011) so star-studded. Whilst they were fun, my interests are more in personal interactions than celebrity-spotting. I value experiences had outside the arena, often through the prism of basketball but ideally as a participant rather than a spectator.

Some moments only gain stature in my mind due to lack of documentation. I befriended an Amsterdam local at a HipHop bar because of his Amar'e Stoudemire 'Stat NY' shirt. With his recommendation, I took a 30min busride to Amsterdam-Noord for some pickup games which immediately got rained out. Play carried on, a mixed full court game in the wet gray. A moment that has stuck with me for its surrealness.

The last few months up I've set up a '30 Home Games' Instagram to house the photos I do have. Below are a few samples of the types of Photos, Graphics and Hashtags to look out for. A few are crossposted on my my other platforms - The 30HG Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

My collection of sneakers and the stories behind them
Explore #30HGkicks
Basketball references are always shoehorned into each Life snapshot
Porto Alegre, Brazil (Oct 2013)
Streetball experiences at home and in my travels
Bogota, Colombia (December 2013)
Collection of Basketball shirts collected in my travels
Explore #30HGtees
Crossposts of the Graphics found on this blog
'Team UNDFTD' emerge victorious
Basketball adventures found in my hometown of Sydney
'One Day Sundays' (Booze, Beats and Ball) at Vic on the Park
Kindly Follow '@30HomeGames on Instagram. Tell your friends :)

Jul 4, 2014

Photos of Football Fields around South America: Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador

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I've been compiling photos of hoops found in my travels for my @30HomeGames Instagram under hashtags like #hoopsoftheworld and #basketballeverywhere. In my time in South America I rarely saw them used, especially not for Basketball.

The truth is every sporting ground in the continent really doubles as a Football Field (cancha). This made my mission to find a basketball experience quite the scavenger hunt. Football is 'THE' sport of the region, everything else falls a distant second. There were no shortage of "canchas" to be found in every Corner of South America, from isolated villages in the Amazon to the iconic beaches of Rio. With all eyes on Brazil for World Cup 2014, people are seeing the display of passion South Americans are known for. Not only towards their Football but also their pride of Country and zest for life.
Bogota, Colombia (Dec 2013)
In South America the dual Basketball/Football canchas
are only ever used for Football
My most memorable Football experience was an organised match in Córdoba, Argentina which pitted the French against the Argentinians. I was acquainted with most of the players the day previous at a University mixer with expats and French exchange students. I played as an honorary Frenchman, the only outsider of the group. I was of little help as we were outclassed by the South Americans, though we did make it respectable by the end with the help of an extra man. There were no photos of the day which only heighten the surrealness of the dusty match at dusk on the stretch of fields at 'La Gran 7'.

I never did watch a live game, many might consider this blasphemous considering the ample 6 months I spent in the Football mad continent. I did have the pleasure of joining in the festivities in Medellin, as Atlético Nacional won the domestic League after besting their rivals in Cali. The streets were awash with people and celebration paraphernalia, from fireworks and foam to more illicit fare. I was also invited to a Corporate Watch party in Caracas hosted by a Whisky maker to watch Venezuela battle a formidable Chile team for a World Cup berth. Venezuela put on a gutsy display but were clearly outmatched.

Medellín, Colombia (Dec 2013)
Liga Postobón Final: Atlético Nacional vs Deportivo Cali
I've also seen small towns celebrate a Football Championship. Football in rural areas can command an entire Village's attention, it's entire population huddled around one sporting event. Vilcabamba won the Championship for it's league, interestingly it was sponsored by the German's-run resort I was staying at. That night the Town Square usually occupied by Expat hippies was replaced by Jubilant local football heroes salsaing in celebration.
Vilcabamba, Ecuador (Nov 2013)
The whole town in attendance
I've compiled some photos which illustrate the spectrum of Canchas you'll find around South America:
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Oct 2013)
Santa Marta, Colombia (Dec 2013)
Montañita, Ecuador (Nov 2013)

Malacatos, Ecuador (Nov 2013)
Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, Ecuador (Nov 2013)
Salento, Colombia (Dec 2013)
My best reference for the madness that must be happening on the streets of Brazil was my time in Medellin as they celebrated Atlético Nacional taking the Championship. Colombians know how to celebrate. I've tipped them to make the Finals which means I see them upsetting host Nation Brazil. If World Cup attendees have concerns that this means an end to the revelry. Rest assured, Colombians are the best equipped to keep the party going should Brazil exit. The Colombians have been exciting on and off the field in this World Cup.
Atlético Nacional Campeon 2013
Felicidades Medellin!

Jun 24, 2014

World Cup inspired Photo Triggers: Europe 2011 and South America 2013

It's a fortnight into the World Cup and half of the Group stages have already been decided. Admittedly I'm not a big Football fan (the Basketball World Cup will be my International Sporting highlight for 2014) but no other event brings as much International festivity as the FIFA World Cup every 4 years.

During the last World Cup in 2010, Sydney erected a large TV Screen that emerged from the Darling Harbour wharf. After nightshift finished, I'd brave the cold and watch a 5am Football match flanked by International supporters. After my first Live site match I remember thinking "I didn't know we had that many Mexicans and French in Sydney". This wouldn't be the last time I'd be impressed by the foreign representation in Sydney as International students, expats and travelers emerged to support their National Teams. I watched the World Cup Final between Holland and Spain after reuniting with a Dutch friend I made in Adelaide at her hostel. This predated my first international backpacking adventure and the German connections I made that night kicked off the type of networks that would serve me well in my 2011 EuroTrip. Those friendships also made my 2010 memorable as I developed a solid running mates for my 'Yes Man' year in Sydney.

July 12, 2010. World Cup Final at the Darling Harbour Fan Fest
via Dutch running mate MK
Since that last World Cup I traveled Europe for 13 months and South America for 6. During this Month of Football, the sight of flags and languages that remind me of those awesome experiences is heartening. A lot of my favorites for the World Cup are due to the positive associations with certain Countries. Of course I also got some tips during my recent South America trip about the best bets for the Mundial de Futbol.

Below are a selection of Trigger photos of the memorable times and friends made at Countries represented in the 2014 FIFA World Cup:
Portugal (May 2011)
Portugal: eat, pray, LOVE - Portugal sure is warm!
England (August 2011)
Trigger: Egotripping II - England, on the road again
Netherlands (August 2011)
Trigger: Crazy Times in Holland, Day 185 - Day 195
Argentina (August 2013)
Spotted: Photos from Buenos Aries - The first 48
Ecuador (November 2013)
Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts in South America
Spain (April 2011)
Spotted: Photos from Sevilla and Córdoba - The first 48
Colombia (December 2013)
The streets of Bogotá, Colombia in pictures
Australia (October 2012)
Being a kid again: Cave Clanning in La Perouse, Sydney
Germany (December 2011)
Limerence: Snowboarding, Skating, Surfing, Christmas and Love
Brazil (December 2013)
Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Open House, Porto Alegre
In case you're wondering here are my World Cup Tips:
- I always bet for Team USA and against England. It's worked a treat the last 3 World Cups.
- Chilombuay! I had Uruguay beating Brazil whenever they faced. As it shakes out I feel Chile might have the honors. Colombia has been the most fun whilst Uruguay has been gutsy, Colombia should move on.
- Netherlands and Germany are the obvious European representatives to go deep.
- Colombia, Netherlands at the end on the  wish of a goalfest Final 

May 23, 2014

Finding Parkour in Sydney and around the World: Colombia, Venezuela and Germany

Parkour is the art of navigating from Point A to Point B in as efficient a manner as possible using one's body and surroundings to propel themselves safely. I first started Parkour in 2010 when a colleague at work explained there were Sunday workshops just up the road (Parkour NSW). On my first day I coincidentally reconnected with an old friend from Design school I hadn't seen in years. The group struck me with its inclusiveness, boys and girls, ages ranging from 15 to 35. You'd see Parents with strollers supporting their kids as they gave it a go.

I have a short attention span and as such have never trained or persisted with a craft. My friend remains a Parkour regular [obsessive] to this day. Advancing with the discipline, making lifelong friends and traveling interstate with the community. I've watched the scene develop as new spaces and initiatives have popped up around Sydney.

I explained to him that my best joys are moments when things are synchronous, when the improbable occurs because things fortuitously connect. Like hitting a game-winner when you've barely played basketball. Its the magic appeal I find in travel. My friend remarked "In Parkour, once is never". For them its not about conquering the moment, its perfecting one's movements. An interesting and different outlook to mine.

I've found Parkour in several corners of the world, you can spot them from a distance once you develop an eye for it. Usually groups of young boys, on a makeshift obstacle or sizing one up. Wearing tracksuits and moving in a trail. I stumbled onto Parkour classes at Olympiapark München (Parkour München) on the way to the BMW museum. Though I joined them impromptu, the teacher was gracious enough to repeat his instructions in English. I quizzed some kids (DesplazArte) I spotted training at the ridiculously active Parque del Este in Caracas. I had just dislocated my finger earlier that day and acrobatics was the furthest thing from my mind. I also happened upon a National meet by the Humilladero Bridge in Popayán (Ville Blanche). Like all the encounters mentioned, language proved a barrier. As I hadn't developed my craft I couldn't prove my worth through physical demonstration. It was a chaotic day with many participants traveling from around the Country. I didn't press them too much with my limited Spanish, all I wanted was a souvenir T-shirt. No suerte.

Aji'sie Popayán 2013
(4th National Parkour meet in Colombia)
Dog down
Down Dog
Watch the Somersault in motion
Yellow leader
Find more Colombia (2013) photos here
I'm not completely inept at Parkour however. I trained for several sessions in indoor and outdoor spaces around Sydney. Whilst I never mastered the cat pass or rolls, I'm confident with wall climbs. It has practical uses especially for Urban exploration. Its come in handy Caveclanning the bunkers of Sydney, tracking down a Spanish lookout and scaling walls to find sleeping quarters in Portugal.

For anyone interested in Parkour, Sydneysiders will soon have a new destination to practice their craft. Based in Tempe it was founded by and for members of the community. The AAPES (Australian Academy of Parkour, Exercise and Self Defence) will be opening its doors June 7, 2014. Make sure you head down and check it out.
AAPES Opening! Sydney's Indoor Parkour and Self Defence location
Saturday the 7th of June is your opportunity to come hang out, grab a bbq at 1pm, listen to some music, meet members of the Parkour community from all around Australia, get some sweet givaways, sign up for classes, purchase your iconic Reach Escape shirt, and partake of possibly one the best icecreams you'll ever have (Pat and Sticks that is!)